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Current Colloquia & Seminars

  1. What Is Seminar: Deformation Spaces and Index Theory

    Location: MSRI: Baker Board Room
    Speakers: Jesus Sanchez (Pennsylvania State University)

    The Atiyah-Singer index theorem is a landmark result which bridges analysis, geometry, and topology in a striking manner and has subsequently been used in many areas of contemporary mathematics. In this talk I will provide some insight into the modern developments in index theory which aim at broadening the scope of the index theorem. I will focus primarily on the newfound role of deformation spaces in index theory and sketch how one can derive new index theorems in settings where the old techniques cannot be applied.

    Updated on Sep 22, 2022 03:29 PM PDT
  2. 5 Minute Talks

    Location: MSRI: Simons Auditorium, Online/Virtual
    Updated on Sep 13, 2022 04:16 PM PDT