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Personal Profile of Dr. Nathan N. Alexander Ph.D.

Dr. Nathan N. Alexander Ph.D.
Visiting Professor
Department of Mathematics

Home Page: http://www.professornaite.com

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2029-7329

Nathan Alexander is the James King, Jr. Institute Visiting Professor at Morehouse College. As a faculty member in the department of mathematics, Nathan leads the Communicating TEAMs (Thinking Effectively About Mathematics) Initiative and teaches early college courses, focusing on supporting the student transition from secondary education to postsecondary mathematics. During the summer, Nathan developed and runs a 5-week special topics course, "Mathematics of Equity," for high school students and college TA's focused on mathematical modeling and conceptions of equity and justice as a part of the SMASH (Summer Mathematics and Science Honors) program. In this course, students deepen their understanding of historical, social, economic, and political issues by using mathematics as an applied method and tool for communicating their ideas. Nathan works with the UT Dana Center as a Mathematics Pathways Fellows, various districts and high schools in New York and California, as well as the Atlanta Algebra Project.